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Somalia South Central Non – State Actors (SOSCENSA)

SOSCENSA’s Thematic Working Groups Background:

In October 2012, SOSCENSA developed an advocacy strategy in which it identified the following problems: Lack of understanding of the constitution, Absence of local and National governance, Lack of effective service delivery and coordination and Rights of marginalized groups denied, as priority issues to work over the following two years. At the end of the workshop in which the strategy was drafted, participants agreed that three Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) - focusing on peace and state building, democratization, aid and public services delivery and accountability - have been formed to lead implementation of the democratization plan of SOSCENSA’s advocacy strategy in such a way that builds the capacity and commitment of NSAs and citizens to work for more meaningful participation in policy making processes in  Somalia.

 The TWG will do this through:
a. organizing regular and broad-based consultations to draft policy positions;
b. investigating alternative methods for gathering information and public opinion on relevant policy issues, including through the use of information communication technologies (ICTs);
c. developing awareness raising materials to build the understanding and ability of SOSCENSA  and citizens to engage in an informed manner on issues of democratization; 
d. regularly communicating with  other NSAs about the impact of the TWG’s advocacy activities;
e. Seeking to influence domestic authorities and international actors by presenting and distributing the collective voices of NSA in policy position papers and advocacy messages, using media and other means.

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