What does SOSCENSA stand for?

SOSCENSA stands for Somalia South-Central Non-State Actors

What does SOSCENSA do?

SOSCENSA is mandated to become a tool for non-state actors in South-Central Somalia to engage in domestic and international policy dialogue around issues of importance to them.

SOSCENSA is not a funding body and does not distribute any funds or direct assistance.

What is a non-state actor?

We define non-state actors as groups and individuals, not acting as representatives of the government.

Why does SOSCENSA engage in policy dialogue?

Policy dialogue is about finding solutions to societal problems in an inclusive and consultative manner. SOSCENSA engages in policy dialogue with the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia and the international community to ensure that Somali society has a say in the decision-making processes that will affect their future.

Why should decision makers listen to SOSCENSA?

  • It is the government and donors declared objective to work for the interests of the Somali people
  • Our members know the situation on the ground, what people need and aspire to, as we have the direct contact with them
  • We are in a position to represent the views, concerns and priorities of people from all spheres of life throughout Somalia.
  • In the long run, decision makers are dependent on the people they claim to represent.

What are the benefits of SOSCENSA membership?

As a member of SOSCENSA you can promote the views, concerns and priorities of your community by engaging in policy dialogue. SOSCENSA members have the potential to influence the decision-making processes that have implications for the lives of all people in Somalia.

How can I join SOSCENSA?

Each and every civil society organisation, professional association and private sector institution shall have the right to be a member of SOSCENSA if they fulfil the membership criteria of the Platform.

Apply to join SOSCENSA

Membership Criteria

Members of SOSCENSA must:
  • Be a network with a minimum membership of five organisations or institutions.
  • Have a functioning office and working structure.
  • Certify its performance level for the last three years.  
  • Have a valid registration certificate.
  • Not have a logo or name of another existing network.
In addition, members from the private sector should have a unified regulatory system.

Membership Admission Process

1.   Any Somali non-state actor network working in Somalia South-Central region and wishing to become a member of the platform shall fill in the application form and submit it together with its profile, bylaws, financial and staff policy and procedures to SOSCENSA Secretariat and copy it to the regional representative.

2. Each network requesting a membership should pay an application and a registration fee.

3. The Board of Directors members will decide the application and registration fee.

4. The Secretariat shall put membership applications before the Board of Directors in its Ordinary Sessions having first consulted with the Secretary General.

5. Being granted membership to the platform shall be subject to the approval of the General Assembly.

What can the platform do that individual members cannot?

By bringing together a broad cross section of non-state actors that speak with one voice on a given issue, SOSCENSA gives a combined weight to those that wouldn’t always have their voices heard at the policy level.

SOSCENSA has built good links with national authorities and the international community and plays an important coordination and bridging role between non state actors and decision makers.

Who is SOSCENSA funded by?

SOSCENSA is funded by the European Union and the grant is administered by Saferworld

Can SOSCENSA fund us?

No, SOSCENSA is not a funding body and does not distribute any funds or direct assistance.

What role does Saferworld play in supporting SOSCENSA?

Saferworld supports SOSCENSA and our sister platforms PUNSAA and SONSAF with technical, policy and advocacy advice.

Saferworld facilitates meetings between the non-state actor platforms and the international community and manages the grant from the EC.

If none of the above answers your query you can also contact us directly.

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